BATAYAH is a unique name, which means Daughter of Yahweh and BATAYAH like her name, is very unique.

 Her soulful songs truly express her gift and anointing as a singer, songwriter, composer and producer. She began singing at the tender age of 4 years old, in her home church choir and has been singing every since. BATAYAH has sang every genre of music from pop/rock and roll, country, folk and classical in school choirs and musical plays, to r&b, funk, neo-soul and of course her roots, which is gospel and  inspirational music.

BATAYAH has written and arranged a variety of songs. Her talent and ability to write and arrange songs is displayed in her previous projects: “BATAYAH – Daughter of Yahweh”,  “Simply BATAYAH”, “Soulfully Free” and her newest single entitled “WOKE”.

Her songs have that Motown flavor with today's Urban, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, and Neo Soul Vibe. BATAYAH’S songs are not only hot and innovative, they are also unique and meaningful, setting their own trend!

BATAYAH was born in North Carolina to a family of 5, with determined and hardworking parents, who struggled to put all of their children through Private School, so that all of the children (BATAYAH and her siblings), would know how to lean on the Most High in all situations and always have a strong spiritual foundation, which helped to make BATAYAH who she is today.

During high-school, BATAYAH modeled and participated in several commercials for the teen promise of no drinking and driving, to prevent teen deaths and accidents, due to underage drinking. She was a runway model for the Southern Women’s Fashion Show and many other events and she became a regular on the television show “Sparks” filmed in Raleigh NC; however,  BATAYAH never lost her passion for music, and she continued to sing in a variety of music groups and solo performances. 

After graduating from Highschool and College where she received two degrees: A Bachelor of Science (BS) and A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), BATAYAH was immediately Commissioned as an Officer with the US Military and became a Wartime Veteran and a Worldwide Praise and Worship Leader, while deployed overseas and serving in the US Armed Forces.

She was also appointed as the praise and worship leader on post and in local churches, during war and peacetime, in and out of the country, for several post chaplain's and for local church pastors; however, BATAYAH simultaneously continued to sing in nightclubs and other events, to inspire and entertain through these facets as well because to her, music heals the soul and makes the world come together.

BATAYAH received several music award nominations, such as: The South Florida Gospel Music Awards, The Hollywood Music in Media Awards, The GMA Dove Awards and The Rhythm of Gospel Awards. In addition, BATAYAH has performed as a special guest on televised BET Shows, The Atlanta Live televised program, as well as several R&B and Soul Lounges, Churches, Conferences, Revivals, Festivals, Events and Political Programs, throughout the USA. She was also selected to be the special musical guest at the Annual Women’s Conference in Guyana, South America where she was truly humbled and thankful.

BATAYAH has two children: a handsome son and a beautiful daughter who are also artist.  She loves her family and feels blessed to have been given her two children and the anointed gift of song.

When asked BATAYAH always says that she gets her strength and talent from the Most High, along with her Mother and Father and her encouragement, support and unconditional love from her Children, who are her most Cherished Accomplishments and Gifts from Above!